Duties: Apprentices are expected to attend classes, do chores, and pretty much do whatever is asked of them by any Journeyman or Master (within reason of course). Apprentices are the work horses of the craft and it shows. Their days are filled with classes, chores (mucking out stalls, feeding animals, kitchen duties, etc, etc.) and any extra classes they may take on if they decide to specialize with a Journeyman or Master.

Skills: Apprentices in the Beastcraft get a sound background knowledge of animal husbandry, various diseases and how to treat them, proper care and handling of various animals. They also get a sound background in people skills, how to follow orders, and the concept of action and consequence. Apprentices can be promoted to Sr. Apprentices and at that time can start to decide if they want to specialize. At that point they may approach a Journeyman or Master and ask if that person will teach them what they need to know. Also, a Journeyman or Master can just tell an apprentice that they want them for extra instruction in an area.

Uniform: No set uniform for apprentices with the exception that they must display their knot at all times. At Gathers and ceremonial functions they are expected to be dressed in their best outfits and displaying their knots and craft colors.

Knot: Very simple, single loop of white and yellow.

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