Duties: Journeymen duties are varied in scope. They are the ones who get posted out to Holds and Weyrs as that area's herder, to look after any animal herds that area may have, keep it healty and growing and prosperous. Journeymen are also responsible for reporting to the craft as to how things are going in their area (this includes any diseases, new hybrids created etc) and may be called upon to return to the craft in order to teach. Journeymen may also be assigned an apprentice for 'in field training' and are responsible for teaching that apprentice everything they know.

Skills: Journeymen learn many skills in the Beastcraft including, but not limited to, healing, training and breeding of various animals, how to keep track of bloodlines for breeding purposes, how to pass their knowledge on, how to deal with people etc. Journeymen may also choose to specialize in any given area, in which case they are more often called upon to teach and host apprentices.

Uniform: There is no specific uniform for Journeymen in the craft, although at Gathers and other ceremonial functions they are expected to be dressed in their best outfits and displaying their knots and craft colors.

Knot: Standard Journeyman knot in yellow and white.

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