1. NO HARASSMENT of other players will be tolerated. This includes unwanted advances, making a nuisance of yourself, and trying to force someone to TS. We are here to have fun, not to make life miserable for each other.

2. ICA=ICC: In character actions=In character consequences. In a nutshell this means that if you do something ICly that is wrong or against IC rules, you can pretty much expect to be reprimanded and punished appropriately… so watch out and be prepared to accept the consequences for your actions.

3. Chain of Command: If you are having problems within the craft, there is a chain of command to be followed. PLEASE try to work out the problem with the person you are having it with… if that can't be accomplished then bring the problem up to one of the craft's staff (see +bechelp staff) and we'll try to deal with it. If we can not come to a satisfactory resolution then we will bring a wizard into the situation if necessary. We are not beasts and we do not bite (not unless asked nicely, anyway), so don't hesitate to bring problems, comments, or suggestions to us.

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