Runner Breeding

Breeding of runners is something that will give you lots of fun and a bit of a nusance. The description of a runner is actually someones attempt to put a verbal picture to a list of stats that make up how a runner looks, acts and is built. For an idea of these stats, see '+help Traits'.

When two runners are bred, the code takes the stats from each runner, blends them together, adds/subtracts a random element, and creates a new runner (Or two if twins) that will appear in 11 months. If the person doing the breeding command is an certified breeder (+list breeders), the new runner created will have a bonus added to its stats, simulating a trained breeder's eye for timing and so on.

Before you can breed, make sure that both runners are in prime health, poor health will result in weaker foals. Once the two prospective parents are chosen and in good health, you will want to set them where it is okay to breed them. ( +Breed_OK <#> ) So that the breeder or whoever is doing the breeding, can breed the two.

WARNING!!! If you breed a mare who is NOT virtual, ie. is a real object, the code will not work the same. It is NOT recommended that you do this!

Once all of this is noted and you have your Mare where you want her and the Stallion in the same place, type '+rBreed <MARE#>=<STALLION#>' the command is a bit different for real objects. Once done you should get a message from the Stables/Herd saying that you are Done, and then all you have to do is wait. If you transfer your runner to a different herd in that 11 months, just remember where you did the breeding and make sure to go back there to collect your foal (Sorry for the wierdness, that's just the way it is.)

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