Runner Colors

Coloring: Coloring is generally inherited from the father or mother, but there is a 1 in 10 chance that a recessive genetic trait will show up suddenly dominate and two white runners could produce a black. Please note that just because a runner's coloring is listed as Palomino does not mean that the runner cannot be a pony or a draft, it simply refers to coloration.

Albino Amber Champagne Bay
Bay Leopard Appaloosa Bay Paint Bay Tobiano
Bay Varnish Roan Black Black Appaloosa
Black Dun Black Feline Appaloosa Black Leopard Appaloosa
Black Lightning Appaloosa Black Paint Black Pinto
Black Spotted Black Tobiano Black Varnish Roan
Blood Bay Blue Black Blue Dun
Blue Roan Blue Roan Grulla Blue Varnish Roan
Brindle Brown Brown Appaloosa
Brown Feline Appaloosa Brown Paint Brown Pinto
Brown Spotted Buckskin Buttermilk Dun
Charcoal Grey Chestnut Chestnut Appaloosa
Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa Chestnut Tobiano Chestnut Varnish Roan
Cinnamon Paint Cream Cremello
Dappled Brown Dappled Grey Dark Bay
Dark Chestnut Tobiano Dark Palomino Dun
Flea-Bitten Grey Gold Palomino Golden
Golden Champagne Gray Tobiano Grey
Grey Dapple Grey Paint Grey Pinto
Grulla Grulla Roan Iron Grey
Iron Greyflake Ivory Champagne Light Grey
Liver Chestnut Lobo Dun Mahogany Bay
Pale Grey Pale Palomino Palomino Dun
Palomino Paint Palomino Pinto Palomino Tobiano
Platinum Paint Red Bay Red Dun
Red Dun Tobiano Red Roan Red Silver
Red Tobiano Silver Buckskin Silver Dapple
Silver Grulla Silver Paint Silver Zebra Dun
Slate Grulla Smokey Grey Smokey Roan
Snowflake Snowy Sooty Buckskin
Sooty Grey Sooty Palomino Sooty Pinto
Sorral Sorrel Tobiano Strawberry Roan
White White Grulla Zebra Dun
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