General Runner +help

First thing's first, the wierd stuff. The new runner parent allows freedom from quota restrictions but requires that you also be responsible. PLEASE, RETURN YOUR RUNNER TO VIRTUAL WHEN NOT IN USE. When this system is installed it should be rather easy to find a stable or a herd wherever you are going, and put them in it until you need them…. Now if it's only going to be a few minutes before you need them again, don't bother, but if you're not going to use your runner for a few days or maybe a few weeks, then save the space and put them away.

Now that that is said and done, a few words about the new runners. On the new runners I have attempted to keep all the previous code and added some new ones. They come preprogrammed with a list of destinations for fast travel, saveable saddles and wagon descriptions, and several other small commands (If you think of something that you don't see there and would like to see it added, contact BEC Staff).

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