Runner Hall Commands

+Judge <#>=<Comment> -*- This Command is used specifically for runner competitions. The purpose is to attach a basic list of suggestions, comments or compliments both ICly and OOCly on the Owner's Describing and RPing of the runner during the show.

+Rank <#>=<1-10> -*- This allows the judges to put an overall score on a certain runner. 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.

+Award <#>=<AWARD> -*- When a winner is selected, the winner is presented with an award of their achievement, and the Runner's Papers are marked with this as well. Typical awards are Grand Champion, Best of Show, Best of Breed, Best Color….

+Brand <#> -*- This puts a brand in the runner's description and marks thim with your approval. It is suggested that you only brand them once, another brand will override the first one, so try to get a master to brand your runner. The higher ranking the brand, the better the marks you can get for her. Masters and Journeyman, this is much like the stamping of instruments in the Harpercraft. When you brand these runners, you are putting your own word on them that they are good, healthy and exactly what they appear to be. Make sure to check their +papers so that you know that their descriptions are not lies.

+Papers <#> -*- This lists the actual stats, awards, lineage and decendents of a runner without the description. This allows a Journeyman or Master, or the Owner to see exactly what they have got.

+Geld <#> -*- This is a command that ends the breeding capacity of a runner. It is /non/-reversable so be sure you have the right runner when you are using it. This is for use on a runner that is completely unsuitable for breeding. By Gelding it, you can charge a lesser price for it, it is still completely useable as a runner, but breeding it is impossible. In doing this you also help cut down on the number of poor quality runners out there.

+addhealer <Name> -*- This command adds a certified 'vet' to the list that gets a bonus added to the ammount they heal a runner. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE MASTERS BEFORE USING THIS!!

+list Healers -*- Lists all the authorized healers that are certified by the craft.

+addtrainer -*- Adds a person who is authorized to teach and train runners (not riders) and get a bonus added to their teaching and training. AGAIN PLEASE CHECK WITH THE MASTERS BEFORE USING THIS COMMAND!!!!

+list Trainers -*- This lists all the autorized and craft certified trainers.

+Addbreeder <Name> -*- This adds the person to the list of certified breeders that will get bonuses in breeding runners. PLEASE CHECK WITH THE MASTERS BEFORE USING THIS COMMAND!!!

+list Breeders -*- Lists the authorized and craft certified breeders.

+Raise Skill=<Name> -*- This raises a players ablity to work with any runner on the mush. It is a measurement of skill and natural affinity for runners. Please use this command sparingly. A person must either be able to explain reasonably why they would have a skill with runners or take lessons in the care and handling there of. Everyone starts at 0 out of 100, and each raise of skills is between 0 and 10 points, so there is room for multiple lessons.

+pose <#>=<Pose> -*- The : is not needed in this case. As a Journeyman or a Master, you have the ability to pose runners that are not yours. Please be responsible with your posing and CHECK the runners description and papers before RPing them. Also, if the runner is actually owned by someone, make sure they don't mind.

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