Runner Markings

Markings: Markings come in 4 parts.

Leg Markings:

Decribe the appearance of white or cream colored places on a runners feet.

Stockings come up to or above the knee.
Socks only cover the ankle and sometimes halfway up to the knee.
Coronets come up to less than the ankle.
Heels are only the back half of the hoof.

Also described are Ermine stockings or socks which are white or cream with flecks of color, almost freckled.

Face Markings:

Strip: A marking down a runner's nose.
Snip: Just a little fleck of white or cream right on the tip of their muzzle
Blaze: Covers the entire face from forehead to muzzle.
Star: Generally a patch almost between their eyes
Stripe: Goes almost equal thickness down their entire face.
Bald-Face: Refers to then a blaze extends over the eyes, causing the whole face to be white.


This describes their hoof color. There are three types.

Dark: A brown to a black hoof.
Pale: Generally white or cream or a soft beige or tan.
Mixed: A marbled or striped mixture of dark and pale.

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