Runner Master Commands

+Create <Male/Female>=<Ride/Race/Work/Draft/Pony> -*- This at random selects a runner from a fictious herd to be presented to you and or your client. The runner is created and can be viewed by others present by typing the +view Temp Command. You may like to RP out this, when you type in the command, you are the only one to see the stats, if they are what you are looking to show your customer, then you can rp out bringing out a certain runner and showing it to them instructing them to use the viewing command.

+View Temp -*- This command may be used by anyone to look at the Temporary Runner that has been brought in out of the nameless herd. The code only stores one runner at a time so if you decide that you don't like this one, you create another and this one disappears forever.

+Add Temp=<Name> -*- This is the command you use when your customer sees the runner he/she wants. You ask them for a name for the runner and using this command, the runner is added to the herd where you are. You can then describe it, +brand it, and +sell it to its new owner.

+destroy <#> -*- Use this command /CAREFULLY/ If you mistype it, and nuke someone's precious runner, it will not be reversable. the runner will be /GONE/ and there is nothing staff can do about it. This command is for removing runners that nobody wants.

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