Runner Mood

Mood is a trait that exists only on the runners that are objects (Not Virtual). This trait signifies just how pissy the runner is. Let's face it, we all have bad days from time to time and some of these runners, ICly are just down right nasty, so just anyone walking up and mounting them is not really such a great idea unless you really know what you are doing.

To simulate this mood, the code takes 3 traits into consideration: temperment of the animal, your skill as a rider, and just how annoyed the runner is at the moment.
The temperment of the animal is pretty much a set stat but the runner can be taught to be better by authorized trainers or by its owner.
The rider's skill is set by the BeastCraftMaster as a percentage out of 100 that you are competent in riding a runner and working with one.
The annoyance is a value that is constantly changing depending on what you are doing to the runner. Saddleing it tends to annoy it slightly, unsaddling it, makes it happier, forcing it to do things makes it a bit annoyed, petting it, makes it happier (each factor is a trade off). Also, the more people riding the runner, the more annoyed it will get.

The code takes all of these stats and adds them up, You get positive scores for a happy runner, negative scores for an annoyed runner. Everything is added up and divided by 2. If the score is over a certain number, it will let you ride or mount or do just about anything to the runner. If not, the runner will not obey.

To get an idea of your runner's current mood, take a look at them. The last line few lines in their description state their health and mood towards you. If they seem happy and good natured, despite a vicious description, this means that you are a very good rider or that that runner is in a VERY good mood.

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