Runner Owner Commands

Most of these commands are also useable by Journeymen and Masters as well as the owners. This allows the Journeymen and Masters to assist you as needed.

+list <name> -*- Lists all the runners owned by <name>.

+Papers <#> -*- Shows you the /actual/ stats on your runner, the parents and offspring, the awards, judgements and rankings as well as the branding mark. This allows you to see what your runner's actual physical and emotional makeup is so that you can describe it properly.

+Name <#>=<NewName> -*- This allows you to rename your runner.

+Desc <#>=<Description> -*- This allows you to describe your runner. Please be aware that if you are planning on having your runner judged, it will also be judged by how well you stay true to the runners +papers, so be honest. The description should give a relative idea of all the traits that you see in the +papers and yet be descriptive. Leave out Saddles. Also see '+help traits' for a more indepth idea of each traits meaning.

+Sell <#>=<Name> -*- Once you have been paid your marks for a runner, you can +sell the runner to its new owner and it is theirs. THE CODE DOES NOT COLLECT THE MONEY FOR YOU!!!!

+teach <#> -*- This command is used when you ICly teach your runner better manners and work with it. It raises the temperment of the animal slowly. With alot of work you can turn a foul beast into a sweet tempered animal and get a much better price for it. You can only use this command once ever 24 RL hours. Also Authorized trainers can teach and train much faster than most owners, if you would care to hire one to teach or train your runner for you, a list of trainers can be obtained by '+list trainers'.

+train <#> -*- This is much like the one above only it improves the staminia of the runner. This is used when you are ICly working out the runner and building up its endurance. As above, a craft certified trainer can do this much faster if you would care to hire one.

+heal <#> -*- For minor nicks and scrapes and slow building up of a runner's health, this command does the trick. Useable once a day on a runner, it will raise a runners heath very slowly, but raise it none the less. If your runner is fading fast you may wish to hire the services of a craft certified healer, see '+list healers' for a list of those available.

+Price <#>=Marks -*- When you are ready to sell a runner, this command posts your asking price for it. If someone is interested in buying it, they should +mail you and note their interest. This however is not code for selling it for you. You will have to meet with the person and they will need to pay you.

+rBreed <Mare#>=<Stallion#> -*- This breeds two runners that are in the same herd. Please see '+help Breeding' for more indepth instructions.

+breed_ok <#> -*- Sets it so that any other owner can breed with that runner.

+breed_no <#> -*- Set it so that no one may breed with your runner.

+pose <#>=<pose> -*- Poses your runner, no : Needed.

+lead <#> -*- Brings your runner out of the stall or herd so that you can ride it somewhere.

+return <#> -*- Returns your runner to the stall or herd when you are finished.

+rDestroy <#> -*- Destroys a runner you own. (NB. Can also be used by Masters on any runner.)

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