Runner Theft

One thing odd about these runners is that they /CAN/ be stolen if you don't put them away or store them in a room that is @set to Haven. Once inside a virtual herd or stable, only the owner of that runner can lead them back out, unless that stable is set with several authorized users. Once inside a Haven though, only the owner can ride or lead the runner out of the room. But in any other room, if you leave your runner alone, anyone can walk up, climb on and ride it off (same as in the Real world).

Theft is a terrible thing, and those ICly caught doing it could face some serious trouble! It is suggested that you find out who the owner is and ask first before starting such a TP, keep in mind that some people get OOCly MAD if people mess with their stuff.

The thief can visably change the name of the runner, and 'sell' the runner , so buyers beware! But anything a Thief does to your runner will not change the runner's registry entries, and won't change its description or branding marks, so if you see someone riding by on a runner that looks exactly like the one you had stolen, it likely is your runner under a new name.

If you suspect someone of runner theft, contact the authorities and get a Herder of Journeyman level or higher to come take a look at the runner. They have a IC ablity to look up the registry and see if any runner matches the description and brandings.

(A simple command that they can use to reveal the true name and true owner of the runner.)

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