Runner Breeds

There are 5 recognized breeds in this system, not as you normally think of Palomino or Percheron, but these breeds describe body type and general physical traits.


Pony: This is the smallest and the hardiest of the runners, but it does not have a high strength in comparison with the others. For its size it is a tiny powerhouse, but it is not fast. Generally even tempered and good children's mounts, they are stocky and rather squarely built with feathered feet (long hair around their hooves) and wide sturdy hoves. Not made for speed, they are good mountain climbers and are good on any sort of terrain, their short legs serving them well as they are not as fragile as the other breeds.


Ride: The runners are made for country outings and to pull light carts. Not made for hard work or even fast riding, they are good as simple companion creatures. Generally lighter built and a bit on the fragile side, they are not ment for mountain or vast deserts or even the wilderness, but are good and dependable creatures on smooth ground, dirt roads and the rock of the area around the holds. Fairly intellegent they can be good compainions but still tend to be a bit on the unpredictable side as temperment goes.


Work: Hardy creatures, while not as fragile as their body form might suggest, they are not as strong as their Draft or Pony cousins. Their bodies tend to be stocky for midsized runners, but their muscle tone and stamina are the stuff of legend in bloodlines. Made for herding, hard riding, and hard work, these runners are intellegent and well tempered, but they lack the speed of most runners. Surefooted and very dexterous, they can cross the wilderness at a good speed where others must pick and choose their trails. Generally very trusting creatures, they expect the same trust in return. If given they will cary a person to the ends of Pern, without missing a step.


Race: These tend to be the most expensive and most fragile of the runners. Given to horrible tempers and little intellegence, they are difficult animals, but for speed and endurance and dexterity, they tend to be among the finest. Not a good runner for mountains or the wilderness or even quiet rides, they are more runners for showing off one's wealth and patience in how much effort it takes to turn them into suitable animals. Fine boned, high spirited and difficult, they are not for the casual horseman.


Draft: These are by far the largest of the runners, reaching truly monsterous sizes at times. The strongest with the highest stamina, their temperments vary greatly depending on their bloodlines. Generally well mannered, they are not the most graceful or the fastest, but they were never really intended to be all that beautiful. Very squarely built with no hint of fragility to their bodies, they were built for hard work and cold weather. Huge hoves bite into the ground and leave large marks, but what they pull goes where they will. Expensive animals to be sure, but not due to weak consitutions, but due to how much they eat. Not a good choice as a riding animal, they tend to be too barrel chested for a person to sit comfortably on their back.

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