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Bilana's figure shows her age, but also reflects her once appealing form. While age has bent her back so she stands no more than five and a half feet, she is still as lean and wiry as the day she became an apprentice. Steel-gray hair is cut short and severe, and her weathered face is heavily tanned from all the time she spends in the sun. Green eyes and black/gray brows are partially hidden behind wire-framed glasses that look like they have seen better days. Across her arms and hands are a scattering of old scars, the signs of someone who has worked a long time and done their share of dangerous tasks. Bilana's shoulders may be rounded and spine bent, but her legs are straight and firm, and her knees and hips still sturdy enough to keep her movements smooth.
Bilana is wearing a durable tunic and trews in neutral colors, and her knot clearly shows her rank as a master beastcrafter.


Bilana was born and raised at the Beastcraft hall in Keroon, and it's no surprise that she chose to apprentice there when she came of age. Her mother and father were both specilist in runnerbeasts and devoted a great deal of time to developing draft lines to improve the strength and stamina of the breed. Bilana has followed in their steps, though she did choose to branch out to all types of runnerbeasts. She became a journeyman at 22 and later married a fellow beastcrafter, Lortan. After becoming a master crafter in her early thirties, Bilana took some time to focus on raising their three children, and was delighted to see them follow in the family tradition. Bilana now spends most of her time training apprentices in the fine art of runnerbeast breeding and foaling.


Name Relation Location Position
Lortan Husband BEC BEC Master
Lorana Daughter FOW BEC SrJman
Birtan Son BEC BEC Jman
Tanara Daughter BEC BEC SrApp
Lorelana Mother Decd BEC SrJman
Bildran Father Decd BEC Master

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