Looking at this man some may consider him hansome, some may consider him sexy, well C'vex is. With bright green eyes that look like a lush green green meadow that seems to twinkle. Dark blond hair that looks like a sweet honey with tints of lemon yellow that come from spending time in the sun for long periods of time. His perfectly fit body is quite muscular and fills out anything he wears with his massive tan pecks and firm washboard abs. His skin is a golden tan which is claiming every inch of his body. Standing at about 6 foot 4 inches tall he is a strapping young man who appears to be in his early twenties. And what would not make him complete but a nice firm butt that fits him just fine. Like everything in this world he doesn't have an exactly perfect body. His nose has a little lump on it, it looks as if it were broken once and just hasn't been the same.
C'vex wears very comfortable clothes that are made for rough work. A pair of blue wherhide pants that are loose but still show off the mans 'ASS'ets. A light blue cotton button down shirt is worn on his torso but his hard muscles push up against the light fabric. The top three buttons are undone showing off a bit of his tan flesh. Sometimes he can be seen sporting a heavy leather jacket that fits him loosly. On his shoulder there is no knot, meaning that this rider holds no rank in a Weyr or he for some reason he removed his knot. Upon his right shoulder is a badge representing the beastcraft, the boarder of the badge shows that he has acheived journeyman rank in his craft.


Eldest Of 3 children, all of which have a different father, Brother D'ir, Sister Katrina. Cyvex is related to D'ir (Radmir) and Katrina in the sense that they have the same mother.
He was born at Keroon and lived there with his father. His mother was a dancer and ironicly Cyvex can't dance at all. She stayed at Keroon with Cy's father until before Radmir was born, she then left and he never saw her again. He was raised with the beastcrafters and loved taking care of the runners and other animals. Always a hard worker, Cy spends most of his time learning how to be all that he can be. Cy was sent from Kerron to learn under a master, unfortionately old master had died and then he was sent back to Keroon beasthold to continue his studies.
Then he found about his brother and sister and moved to High Reaches to go to work with them. It was there he started taking care of Gryphhawks and study there bodys and mating patterns. He found a clutch of them in the mountains near High Reaches. He kept one egg for himself and the others were sent to Keroon to be raised with falconers. After that Cy impressed Valkyrie a green firelizard at a clutch by the Sr. Weyrwoman of High Reaches gold. A while later, Cy went up into the firelizard loft at his brothers ranch and nearly stepped on a gold hatchling. The hatchling bonded instantly to him because she was to afraid to between out, Aphrodite stuck to him from then on.
Time passed, Cy started raising show runners and then one day when a rider from Xanadu tried to get a runner to match a model horse she had. He was searched by Maria and her brown lifemate. So Cy was nabbed and moved to Xanadu. The older journeyman flirted with every woman he could at Xanadu and then finally the day came and when he stood on the sands out popped the flaming bronze dragonet that took it's sweet time and then finally bonded to C'vex. Weyrling days went quickly and Cy and Caith were terrors for the Weyr. Caith even once put Wherries and herdbeasts in all the Weyr's of the riders once. They stood by and then finally the time came when Caith had his first mating flight, unfortionately he won.
C'vex fell in love with the greenrider and Caith claimed the Green Goddess Jalilth as his own. Unfortionately the green was from High Reaches, which is still causing problems till this day. Caith chased other females but the flaming bronze has yet to catch any and some say he likes Jalilth to much to catch a dragon but we all knot he tries his best each time. C'vex's love grew for Leea and it was one day during the winter gather when he went to few Sylvara's runners that an egg she won at the gather hatched and impressed to the bronzerider. The little bronze hatchling was an angry bugger and was dubbed Ares, shortly after
The Weyrlings learned how to between and then came promotions. Cy was dragged from High Reaches in the middle of the night by Tristjen because of the time difference and the fact C'vex was staying with Leea at that time. The bronzerider rushed to Xanadu with barely enough time to put on his pants and she made him wait…The nerve well he waited and finally Tristjen tossed the Wingleader knot and badge to C'vex and Rh'al. She gave Cyclone to Rh'al, and to C'vex she gave Tornado. Rh'al and C'vex still don't like eachother that much but the two bronzeriders are forced to deal. We shall see how they handle being Wingleaders. And that brings us to current time…


Name Relation Location Position
Maramia Mother Unknown Dancer
Unnamed Father Keroon Hold Unknown
D'ir (Radmir) Half-Brother Western Weyr Rider
Katrina Half-Sister High Reaches Weyr Unknown
Lya Daughter - Leea Fort Weyr Goldrider
Kevyx Son - Kathryn Unknown Unknown
Nyvex Son - Nelali Unknown Unknown




Bronze Caith

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