PC Crafters

These are the current PC crafters on PernWorld. Retired characters are listed in the Former Characters page, and NPCs are listed on the NPCs page.

Name Rank Specialty Posting
Amelia Journeyman Healing Xanadu Weyr
Anoryn Sr. Journeyman RunnerBreeding Ista Weyr
Bilana Master RunnerBreeding BeastCraft
C'vex Journeyman GryphHawks Honshu Weyrhold
Chet Apprentice Caprines Honshu Weyrhold
Daphne Apprentice Runners Western Weyr
Delynni Apprentice Runner Breeding Western Weyr
Edani Sr. Apprentice Herdbeast Healing Fort Weyr
Ely Apprentice Caprines Fort Weyr
Flavia Apprentice Runners Fort Weyr
Jaleldan II Master Runners Xanadu Weyr
Jeniosa Sr. Apprentice
K'oss Journeywoman Runners Fort Weyr
Keziah Journeyman Caprines Xanadu Weyr
M'tri Apprentice Runners Western Weyr
Meo Apprentice Runners Fort Weyr
Nornon Apprentice Runners Ista Weyr
Pi Journeywoman Healing Ista Weyr
Renalys Apprentice Runners Ista Weyr
Rylavi Apprentice Runners Xanadu Weyr
Senkyou Apprentice Runners Xanadu Weyr
Siobhan Sr. Apprentice Canines Fort Weyr
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